Sunday, January 30, 2011

Less Traveled

First, the excitement :)

We got a sock pattern!! What a great excuse to knit up a pair of socks in my favourite yarn to make socks with!! And it has cables and everything!! I've been looking forward to this pattern since I first heard about it. :) When we got the hat pattern, I was excited. Besides the main cape, we're getting blessed with "blessings" - five additional companion patterns. The first was the hat, the second is the socks. Now, I thought that they might be released throughout the year, to keep things fresh when we might become frustrated with a difficult bit on the cape, perhaps. To get two of these "blessings" so close together - I feel, well, blessed ;).

I love the title. "The Hills Less Traveled". It so reminds me of the road less traveled - from a poem, which paraphrased tells of a traveler reaching a fork in a forest path. One direction is well worn and easy to follow, but the other direction appears less used. The traveler choses the road less traveled, and that has made all the difference.

I've been thinking a lot about that lately - it is a quote I like; I try to remind myself to stay to the road less traveled. It is always easier to take the smooth route - go with the familiar instead of the unknown. But sometimes, one must get out of a comfort zone, must try new things, learn, perhaps enjoy - when I've taken a different path in forests, I've nearly always seen an interesting wild flower, or fascinating leaf, or a bug, or a frog, or even a black bear!!! Ok, that wasn't quite as pleasant, but never the less... I would not have seen it had I stuck to the clear pathways. And it is quite true of less tangible ventures. Sometimes I find myself pleasantly surprised.

Of course, it has been on my mind because of my awareness of the pattern, and its title. Things always happen for a reason. This weekend, in our comics section of the paper, a similar theme came up in one of the strips I enjoy reading:
So, this is becoming a recurring theme for me.

I wonder why? Am I about to find myself facing a fork in the road? Am I becoming stuck in a rut of familiarity? Is it even more simple than that - is it this very journal, something new for me? Oh, I've journaled feelings before, it really helps me to sort things out in my mind when there is no one available to talk to, or I'm concerned with something so personal that I don't want to share with anyone. But, this is my first time trying to journal about a specific craft project. I've heard about other people who do it regularly, especially with heirloom items, but I've never really tried before. Thought about it, but was never really motivated to do it before.

Anyway - it will be interesting to see where this less traveled path (be it hill or road) will take me. :) (now, off to cast on for the socks!!)

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