Monday, January 31, 2011

Sock progress

I started the sock, and I'm making progress!!!

I didn't follow the pattern exactly exactly - I didn't do the cuff for the full two inches. I did my usual cuff length. I also messed up a bit following the chart. My laptop and my printer don't talk to each other very well, so I had transferred the chart by hand to a piece of paper. When I started knitting it, I thought I'd copied wrong, and I purled when I should have knit. Back to the laptop to look, to check, to recheck... Remembered that somewhere in one of the Ravelry threads at some point someone said that one needed to follow Meggie's directions exactly to get the same results. So, even though most cable patterns I've done or seen before use purls where Meggie has knits, I ripped back to the cuff, and followed the chart exactly. I like this look better ;)

Lesson for the day: Do what you are told, not what you think you should do. Trust the pattern.

I know it is hard to see in the pictures, but there is one complete repeat of the chart done. If I hadn't had to rip, I would have had two repeats done last night. Oh, well - I should make a few more this evening.... maybe even get up to the heel turn. I had hoped to do two socks at a time, but in hindsight, I'm glad I've only got one on the needle - it will be much easier to adjust for heel placement than if I'd had the second sock on there too.

The comments from Ravelry I mentioned referred to the technique for "make one". There are many ways to add stitches to knitting, but to get the look one is after for this cape, it is best to use the same method directed to by the pattern directions and designer. Some things you can play around with, such as the cuff length, and it really won't matter. But to make the cables look the way they were intended to look, I need to do what I am told. :)

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