Sunday, February 6, 2011

There will be a temporary break....

I will be going on a trip, leaving in two days. If I can, I will pop in with a pic of the pair of socks completed (they aren't yet, but will be before I go), and if possible, I may do a post while I'm away - but I won't promise anything. Don't know what type of access I'll have. (They have Wifi, but for a cost, and I don't know the details yet)

Will tell all about my progress when I return. I'll be working on the hood when I can, and will still journal in the form of notes, which I will transcribe here at my earliest opportunity. :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

sock pic

Good for showing the colour. This is the sock being tried on to make sure it was the right length.

Bad colour, good detail :) The sock after grafting and weaving tails.

Lesson learned today: Using a crochet hook for grafting only messes with my mind. Trying to remember which way to put the hook (opposite of the directions for the darning needle) and which way to go next results in opening a suitcase and redoing the graft...

But, I now have one of my darning needles stored with my craft supplies in the livingroom. I still have plenty of them in my travel tin...

Sock 1 DONE!!

(Ok, I confess, I still have to graft the toe)

I finished up the foot last night, and still had time before bed to do the toe decreases. I then wanted to graft the toe, and realized - I've already packed my craft notions!!! I don't have any darning needles handy!!! Yeah, yeah, I could unpack... but who wants to do that??? So, today, I will use a crochet hook to draw the yarn through instead of a darning needle to "push" it through. :)

Then I will take the picture. :)

And cast on the second sock tonight. At this rate, the pair will be done before we leave, and I'll have nice toasty warm socks to wear when I come back to nasty cold winter after two weeks in beautiful warm Mexico!!

It is really a lovely sock, and lovely pattern. I can see myself having a few pairs, in different colours :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First sock over half done

Have turned the heel and decreased the gusset. Now just the foot and toe to do.

I have learned a lot already. I learned that my knitting skills have indeed improved over the last few years. I started to learn to read my knitting when I started knitting lace. I learned how to compare the chart with what I had growing below my needles. I began to recognize various elements. Teaching classes also meant that I had to know what *I* was doing, so I found that it wasn't too hard to count rows of garter (something I had never really been able to do before - stocking stitch, yes, garter, no) as well as how to do a few different cast-ons, and a few other little tricks and tips. BUT I didn't think I could read cables. One attempt to rip and recover a cable pattern didn't work, so I just didn't try again. Now, however - I managed to knit the repeats on this sock with barely a reference to the pattern. Of course, it did help that it was a fairly simple pattern to start with, and fairly easy to memorize what to do. But by the end of the second repeat, I wasn't even looking at the paper anymore. Same with turning the heel. Other than a fast glance at the pattern to see what sort of heel Meggie had chosen, I just went ahead and knit it. :) I was especially happy to see that she didn't specify a number of stitches to pick up for the gusset - that was something I tried to pass on to my sock knitting students in the classes: In the big picture, it really doesn't matter if the pattern says to pick up X number of stitches and you get X+1 or X-1 or even two stitches out - the number is just a guideline, and as long as both sides are within one or two stitches of each other, no one is going to notice. My usual line at that point was: And if someone *does* want to stick their nose that close to your foot to count stitches or rows, they have a bigger problem than you do!!

I will be coming back later today to edit this post and add a picture of the current progress, but I'm afraid that I need to take off shortly to take my vehicle in for repairs. In the meantime, I just wanted to update on the sock.

(Ok, so I have now added pictures - on the left, the picture as I took it. On the right, the picture after playing with the contrast. I think it does help, a little. Also, the first pictures I took in the livingroom; these ones on my kitchen table.)

I also wanted to mention, that I was in touch with my sister, to confirm my heritage. I was going, as I said a few days ago, from memory. Turns out that I do not, after all, have any Irish in my background. Won't stop me from continuing this journey, however ;) And as Meggie said in a Ravelry post, some family are born in the heart. So, even though I may not have Irish blood in me, I definitely have Irish in my heart.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sock leg done

As far as I'm concerned, anyway :) I did four repeats of the pattern, which my memory of the pattern picture was - I've now looked, and there were six repeats, not four. I put it on my leg and took pictures. For some reason, I'm not getting the contrast to show off the texture... I guess I could have adjusted that with my editing program but that thought only just occurred to me (blush).

Anyway, this is about how long I normally make my socks, so - on to the heel :)

I edited this post a couple hours after writing it, correcting my impression of the pattern (I thought the picture showed four) and adding the labels. I am not used to adding labels, so I am almost always coming back after to add them!!