Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First sock over half done

Have turned the heel and decreased the gusset. Now just the foot and toe to do.

I have learned a lot already. I learned that my knitting skills have indeed improved over the last few years. I started to learn to read my knitting when I started knitting lace. I learned how to compare the chart with what I had growing below my needles. I began to recognize various elements. Teaching classes also meant that I had to know what *I* was doing, so I found that it wasn't too hard to count rows of garter (something I had never really been able to do before - stocking stitch, yes, garter, no) as well as how to do a few different cast-ons, and a few other little tricks and tips. BUT I didn't think I could read cables. One attempt to rip and recover a cable pattern didn't work, so I just didn't try again. Now, however - I managed to knit the repeats on this sock with barely a reference to the pattern. Of course, it did help that it was a fairly simple pattern to start with, and fairly easy to memorize what to do. But by the end of the second repeat, I wasn't even looking at the paper anymore. Same with turning the heel. Other than a fast glance at the pattern to see what sort of heel Meggie had chosen, I just went ahead and knit it. :) I was especially happy to see that she didn't specify a number of stitches to pick up for the gusset - that was something I tried to pass on to my sock knitting students in the classes: In the big picture, it really doesn't matter if the pattern says to pick up X number of stitches and you get X+1 or X-1 or even two stitches out - the number is just a guideline, and as long as both sides are within one or two stitches of each other, no one is going to notice. My usual line at that point was: And if someone *does* want to stick their nose that close to your foot to count stitches or rows, they have a bigger problem than you do!!

I will be coming back later today to edit this post and add a picture of the current progress, but I'm afraid that I need to take off shortly to take my vehicle in for repairs. In the meantime, I just wanted to update on the sock.

(Ok, so I have now added pictures - on the left, the picture as I took it. On the right, the picture after playing with the contrast. I think it does help, a little. Also, the first pictures I took in the livingroom; these ones on my kitchen table.)

I also wanted to mention, that I was in touch with my sister, to confirm my heritage. I was going, as I said a few days ago, from memory. Turns out that I do not, after all, have any Irish in my background. Won't stop me from continuing this journey, however ;) And as Meggie said in a Ravelry post, some family are born in the heart. So, even though I may not have Irish blood in me, I definitely have Irish in my heart.

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