Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sock 1 DONE!!

(Ok, I confess, I still have to graft the toe)

I finished up the foot last night, and still had time before bed to do the toe decreases. I then wanted to graft the toe, and realized - I've already packed my craft notions!!! I don't have any darning needles handy!!! Yeah, yeah, I could unpack... but who wants to do that??? So, today, I will use a crochet hook to draw the yarn through instead of a darning needle to "push" it through. :)

Then I will take the picture. :)

And cast on the second sock tonight. At this rate, the pair will be done before we leave, and I'll have nice toasty warm socks to wear when I come back to nasty cold winter after two weeks in beautiful warm Mexico!!

It is really a lovely sock, and lovely pattern. I can see myself having a few pairs, in different colours :)

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