Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Think I have it.

Ok. I am feeling way behind, even though I know it isn't a race. Yes, life is a little in the way - but really, I'm just plain depressed. I'm really really suffering from it these days. I have been depressed for over a year now (I know exactly what triggered it) but it was relatively mild and manageable. Now, all I want to do is hide on the computer, or sleep. I manage to do a little more than that every day, but not much else.

Anyway - I am going to force myself to get busy and knit this cape. I want to - honestly, I do - but I just don't feel much like knitting anything. So - I go for the easy excuse - too hard to do the math to figure out the facing repeats. BUT - I have made a decision. I'm going to leave the one repeat I've made, and I'm going to use the second skein I wound (I wound two skeins to take on the trip, just in case) and work up a repeat using the 5 mm needle. The first one, I used the recommended 4 mm needle. Now, I know the facing shouldn't "overwhelm" the hood, but I also kind of don't like the resulting fabric on it.... It seems quite stiff. Which is probably the other reason for my lack of enthusiasm about continuing. Normally, going up one size at a time is what would be recommended, but I'm going to jump across the 4.5mm needle, and go right for the 5.

I'm also working on some socks, on smaller needles, but since the ones I'm using for the socks are quite sharp (Addi Lace) I am stabbing myself a little too often, lol... So, I will take a break from those tonight (even though I need new socks) and work on the larger needles :) Maybe I'll alternate evenings - one evening socks and stabbing, the next catchup and healing ;) Then, when I'm done a repeat of the heart cable, I'll compare the two side by side, then decide if I'm going to rip the 4 or the 5. I'll take pictures then.

Oh, as for the socks - yeah, I have the new hills socks, but I need thin socks as well as warm thick wool ones.

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